Once a Hippie Town, Now a Retirement Community

Yesterday, Redding Real Estate posted a short synopsis of an interview(?) with Andy Bush, the developer of the Walnut condominium complex [all-Flash site] in downtown Boulder. Condos go for $500,000 for the basic, one-bedroom unit up to $5,000,000 for the “larger” ones.

According to the post, Mr. Bush hopes to do similar developments in other “creative class” cities like Austin and Charleston, which he refers to as the “new retirement communities.”

Lots of people want to exploit this fine town we’ve made for their own enrichment, but I have to think that when Boulder becomes the town where old people go to spend the rest of their money then die it has to have already stopped being a “creative class city”, and the dynamic he envisions has to be the antithesis of the “sustainability” practices he so strongly touts in his marketing, unless you can convince yourself that “sustainability” means “rich people living however they want.”

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