I'm a freelance web developer/designer (NAICS: 541511), expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I make custom, responsive WordPress themes and Joomla templates quickly and efficiently, big and small web applications with JavaScript/AJAX front-ends and PHP/MySQL back-ends.

“Frogs For Snakes” houses personal ramblings, a few book reviews, and comments on current events that catch my eye, usually with links to more information. I'm finding that I have less to say as I get older, probably because I've come to see so much nuance in even the simplest situation that thinking about the disclaimers and conditionals necessary to describe the context wears me out. So I look at pictures of cats, instead.

My long-form, business-oriented Website is here, with a resume and a portfolio. Also a blog, which gets freshened more often than the main site.

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Steve Clason


Oh, yeah — you really should listen to the deep blues of Rice Miller, aka " Sonny Boy Williamson II" for great harmonica and surprising, fresh lyrics. Here's audio of "Frogs for Snakes" (my favorite) on YouTube.com, and here's "Little Village", which is a cult-favorite for reasons that will become clear if you listen to it.

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