Are We Heading For Social Tribes?

From Digital Media at CNET News:

Of course, any user is free to leave the Facebook world, and seek a home elsewhere–such as with Google+ or on other social platforms. But leaving the colony, where a person has spent “many months or years curating the stories of their life and sharing them on Facebook’s platform,” as Zuckerberg described his vision for the future, will become increasingly difficult as their Facebook interactions and entanglements grow more dense.

So we become tribes — Facebook Tribe, Google+ Tribe, LinkedIn (small) Tribe — because we lose so much is we do what’s necessary to interact with other tribes. Can we marry outside our tribes? How would we check out a potential candidate, anyway? Surely some anthropologist has studied this, someone besides Cory Doctorow, who speculated that time-zones would tribalize us.

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