Zhuangzi On Card-Playing

Brook Ziporyn, in his excellent translation of Zhuangzi (Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings with Selections from Traditional Commentaries, Hackett, 2009) points to an associated article, “Zhuangzi As Philosopher” on his publisher’s website. That article contains this: Imagine that you find yourself in a card game, where cards are continually being dealt to you from a nonobvious […]

Free A Stuck Wheel On A BMW

This morning I changed a tire on my wife’s BMX X5 for the first time. A walk in the park, I thought — good spare, good jack, good lug-wrench, easy access. Jacked it up, spun off the bolts then … nothing. I kicked, hammered, wobbled, banged, cussed, kicked some more, checked Google, kicked, banged, then […]

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Looting The Students

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers Guns and Money points to NYU as a fine example of academic looting. My short version (though the original isn’t long): “Students at NYU are taking on debt at a rate 40% above the national average to subsidize second homes for professors who teach elsewhere.” And here’s the short version of […]

More On China and Values (Or Lack of Them)

An interesting post in The Diplomat today (12 May 2014). That’s not uncommon, btw. The title of the post resonates with something I’ve been thinking about: “Africa and China’s Values Deficit“. The post is a loose review of a new book, China’s Second Continent¬†(I haven’t read it) by Howard French which describes China’s recent investment […]

China: “Norwegians Behave Badly”

Ever since the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the 2010 Peace Prize to¬†Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, compounding the grievous insult of the Dali Lama receiving the prize in 1989, China has kept Norway, both government representatives and private citizens, at arms length. China’s imports of Norwegian salmon, once constituting 90% of their salmon imports, fell to […]