Our Accidental Universe

From Big Think, theoretical physicist (and prolific author) Alan Lightman explains the theme of his essay collection The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew [the link is to Amazon’s page for the Kindle edition]. The short version: For hundreds of years we have assumed that our universe is a necessary consequence of fundamental […]

Ludlow, 100 Years Later

Mostly, we remain ignorant that not too long ago people died in the United States fighting for the rights of working people. April 20th marks the 100th anniversary of the worst day for labor in those fights, when 20 striking miners and family members people were machine-gunned  in a tent-camp in Ludlow Colorado by the […]

Develop to Destruction

“Around the world ‘development’ is robbing tribal people of their land, self-sufficiency and pride and leaving them with nothing.” This simple statement introduces a hilarious (at first) 2-minute animated movie that describes how cultures are destroyed in the name of economic development. From Survival International. The movie is called “There You Go”. Actual examples abound. […]

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Review: “The Neruda Case”

In 1972, or so, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, dying of cancer in Valparaiso while Allende’s government falls apart, hires Cuban exile Cayetano Brulé to find a woman he knew 30 years before, in the hopes that the daughter she bore was his, rather than her husband’s. Because Cayetano, as he’s called throughout, has no detective […]

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Review: “Hat Dance”

Emilia Cruz Encino, Acapulco’s first, and so far only, female police detective, continues to struggle with corruption, institutional misogyny, class conflict, a slightly crazy mother, and the difficulties of an inter-racial relationship while attempting to stop a series of fire-bombings targeting high-end restaurants and nightclubs around the bay, without access to the technology that has […]

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