It’s Spring!

Forget robins. I know it’s Spring when the heifers are moved into the calving pastures. Boulder is surrounded by open space, much of it used for pasturing cattle (mostly Black Angus for some reason) and my relentless walking keeps me informed of what’s happening south and east of town. The best trails for walking follow […]

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A “Healing Gaze” Comes to Boulder

From the Boulder Daily Camera — $8 will buy you a group session with Braco, a Croation faith-gazer, who will gaze at you. Silently. For $72 you can get a full-day pass to all of the gazing sessions, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, either Wednesday or Thursday. Probably with some breaks so he can rest […]

The New Normal Library

This article on CNET argues that Amazon could easily replace much of the social function of the local library through a subscription service, where the user pays an annual fee for unlimited reading, while not ever owning or keeping any of the content. I’ve been arguing for a few years that the physical space of […]

A Feint at Affordable Housing

The Boulder Daily Camera reports this morning that the Affordable Housing Task Force, formed in January 2010, will present it’s draft report for public feedback on Tuesday (Aug 30). Already leaked is the proposal to raise taxes to subsidize housing — from Angelique Espinoza, a member of the task force, “Without broader funding, it’s going […]