Boulder Isn’t That Bad

“Boulder isn’t that bad.” That’s the last line from an account of a bloggers visit here to investigate a Master’s Degree program at Naropa University. Boulder is off-and-on regarded by various publications as the foodiest, smartest, thinest, bicyclingest, telecommutingest, whitest, bestest and god-knows-whatest place in the United States, North America, the Western Hemisphere or the […]

Attack of the Disaffected

Except rarely, the people who habituate website comment sections are the most disaffected and angry in the “community”, taken to mean a loose accumulation of people surrounding an idea, issue, or geographic area. So, normally I wouldn’t spend a second on the handful of comments on a Daily Camera¬† article pertaining to the Boulder Public […]

Tax-Supported Recreation

An article today on the Boulder Daily Camera website describes a plan by the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department to operate more-or-less like a business–recovering fully, that is, all costs incurred in their operations through fees. On the surface that seems smart: those of us of such “modest means” that the $6.50 entance […]

Music as Social Control? No Kidding.

According to a post on the tech blog Slashdot: “Classical music is being used increasingly in Great Britain as a tool for social control and a deterrent to bad behavior. One school district subjects badly behaving children to hours of Mozart in special detention. Unsurprisingly, some of these youth now find classical music unbearable. Recorded […]

Is It a Recommendation or a Decision?

At the Boulder City Council’s recent goal-setting retreat, council member Suzy Ageton, one of the most consistently thoughtful people we have seen on council in recent years, expressed a wish for executive sessions, wherein the whole council could meet for deliberations outside the public view. In a follow-up editorial, the Daily Camera pointed out that […]