Fund Transportation Maintenance Via Utilities Tax? Huh?

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, City Council last night decided to hire a consultant[1] to investigate tacking on a “maintenance fee” to city utility bills in order to fund transportation maintenance. This option seems to be attractive because they can slip it in without voter approval. Two things about this disappoint me: Taxes should […]

From The Police Blotter

“Officers arrested a 25-year-old Boulder woman on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief after she was accused of throwing cinder blocks off a second-story balcony in the 2300 block of South St. The blocks hit one car and narrowly missed a passerby. 09-15384.” They didn’t mention that alcohol might have been involved. And what […]

Oppressive Socialistic Boulder Environmentalists

From Elephant Journal, my favorite Green/Yoga/Buddhist/Boulder blog: “Boulder, Colorado’s City Council had the nerve to try and limit the size of a house in proportion to its yard, and its neighbors’ homes. It’s called F.A.R., for those of you who want street cred when bitching about oppressive socialistic Boulder environmentalists.” Their whole post.