More on the Class War: We’re Losing

Mike Lockovich cartoon, 'Class Warfare'

“How To Waste A Crisis” by Mike Konczal at The New Inquiry

Konczal, in an extended review of Philip Mirowski’s book “Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste”, praises his criticism of neoliberalism, then scolds him for failing to offer any alternatives, while drawing on a substantial amount of current thought to succinctly point to where alternatives might be cooking up. (Hint — Bard College and the University of Massachussets.)

The writing is good:

“In neoliberal society markets don’t serve the pre-existing needs of subjects; subjects are fabricated to serve the market. The subject’s purpose in life becomes synonymous with the facilitation of economic growth.”


“Pointing out the sheer corruption of the economics field’s elite is a worthy use of anyone’s time, but Mirowski is hunting bigger game.”

The final paragraph clinches the deal for me:

“Because the class war doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon. Elites are fighting on terms that, for all their effect on subjectivities, are far more about dismantling what remains of the public and taking what is left for themselves.”

Go and read this.

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