Boaty McBoatface. Not!

Well, this is bad news. Britain’s Science Ministry has decided that their new-build polar research vessel will bear the name “David Attenbourough” rather then “Boaty McBoatface” the far-better name selected by popular vote in March. The Brits have no sense of humor — things would have gone the other way in, say, New Zealand. Maybe […]

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Sriracha Factory Stays Put

I never had any doubt (because HOT SAUCE, right?), but the city of Irwindale has dropped it’s lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods, makers of Sriracha chili sauce, so the factory is not a “public nuisance” and won’t be moving to Texas, who I’m sure would love to have them. So, please carry on. And try […]

Why Aren’t we Afraid?

At Truthdig, Tom Engelhardt takes a look at a phenomenon that I’ve been thinking about for a while and still find inexplicable. The title of this blog reflects the general notion, but mostly articulate understanding has escaped me. Why, I wonder, given how our country has been and continues to be looted by a class […]

“Let’s Get This Class War Started”

My hatred of authority, along with my loathing for the pretensions, heartlessness and sense of entitlement of the rich, comes from living among the privileged. It was a deeply unpleasant experience. But it exposed me to their insatiable selfishness and hedonism. I learned, as a boy, who were my enemies. Let’s do. Chris Hedges at […]

A Genre for the Times

Though promising so much more, the technology that enables our ridiculously easy communication (ridiculously easy in historical terms, I mean) mainly delivers opportunities for us to snark at each other, opportunities that we seize con brio, certain in our entitlement to say what we mean and, damnit, to be heard. There’s an alternative to our […]