Food Fight

For a hundred years or so we’ve been fighting over oil. The smart money ( here, for instance) says that soon more of us will be fighting over water. More countries, that is. Individuals, tribes, families, and regions have been fighting over water forever, some of the fighting pretty close to home, but the next […]

Looting The Students

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers Guns and Money points to NYU as a fine example of academic looting. My short version (though the original isn’t long): “Students at NYU are taking on debt at a rate 40% above the national average to subsidize second homes for professors who teach elsewhere.” And here’s the short version of […]

Ludlow, 100 Years Later

Mostly, we remain ignorant that not too long ago people died in the United States fighting for the rights of working people. April 20th marks the 100th anniversary of the worst day for labor in those fights, when 20 striking miners and family members people were machine-gunned  in a tent-camp in Ludlow Colorado by the […]

More on the Class War: We’re Losing

“How To Waste A Crisis” by Mike Konczal at The New Inquiry Konczal, in an extended review of Philip Mirowski’s book “Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste”, praises his criticism of neoliberalism, then scolds him for failing to offer any alternatives, while drawing on a substantial amount of current thought to succinctly point […]

Results Are In: Austerity Economics Doesn’t Work

From the New Yorker: For the sixty-odd million inhabitants of the U.K., living through [the austerity policies] hasn’t been a pleasant experience—no university institutional-review board would have allowed this kind of brutal human experimentation. But from a historical and scientific perspective, it is an invaluable case study. A case study, that is, proving that austerity […]