Food Fight

For a hundred years or so we’ve been fighting over oil. The smart money ( here, for instance) says that soon more of us will be fighting over water. More countries, that is. Individuals, tribes, families, and regions have been fighting over water forever, some of the fighting pretty close to home, but the next […]

Bad News for Sriracha Fans

Fans of the popular hotsauce Sriracha should be concerned. Not to the extent they should be concerned, say, about NSA spying on their internet habits, but concerned to the extent Sriracha figures into their eating habits. From the Los Angeles Times, the local newspaper for the plant mentioned: A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge […]

Because … Hot Sauce!

After his arrival in LA, Tran was unable to procure a hot sauce that went well with pho, the traditional Vietnamese noodle dish. Other Vietnamese and South East Asian immigrants in his area were also missing “Sriracha”-style sauce, a blend of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt (though Hoy Fong’s Sriracha is synonymous with […]


Ingredients: 2 cups pinto beans; 2 fresh jalapeño peppers 1 medium onion olive oil Soak the beans overnight. Really. Dice the onion and peppers and sauté in olive oil until the onions turn transparent. While that’s happening, rinse the pintos and put them in a crock pot. Resist the urge to use a “slow-cooker”. Add […]

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