Fool Me Once…

From a Washington Post article on the financial regulation bill: “Democrats have been unwilling to alter the legislation without a guarantee that it would bring Republican votes.”

Republicans this session have engaged in “bipartisan” deliberations (which aren’t that at all but are rather negotiations over what interests will be privileged) thereby revising legislation which will pass with or without their support more to their liking, then they don’t vote for it.

There’s no such thing as one-way bipartisanship–it’s plain crazy to propose “You do what I want in the interests of bipartisanship”–so from a practical political standpoint Democrat lawmakers should just ignore their Republican counterparts as irrelevant and take the inevitable attacks on their lack of bipartisanship.

They’re going to get attacked for something no matter what they do, that’s the current M.O. of the Republican Party, and with congress’ approval ratings hovering a little south of 25% it’s hard to imagine how those attacks would do any additional damage.

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