Free A Stuck Wheel On A BMW

This morning I changed a tire on my wife’s BMX X5 for the first time. A walk in the park, I thought — good spare, good jack, good lug-wrench, easy access. Jacked it up, spun off the bolts then … nothing. I kicked, hammered, wobbled, banged, cussed, kicked some more, checked Google, kicked, banged, then checked Google again. That second time I found this:

Popped it right off!

Apparently, the steel hubs and the aluminum wheels create great conditions for rust to bind things up (yes, I know that aluminum doesn’t rust, I’m just repeating what I read), and if you don’t change tires regularly, like every winter and spring, and you don’t use an anti-seize compound where they meet, it’s common for them to bind up. Not a problem for me anymore, though.

Oh, yeah. Leave one of the lug bolts threaded in slightly when you bang so you don’t have to chase your tire down the road after it busts loose.

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