Fund Transportation Maintenance Via Utilities Tax? Huh?

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, City Council last night decided to hire a consultant[1] to investigate tacking on a “maintenance fee” to city utility bills in order to fund transportation maintenance. This option seems to be attractive because they can slip it in without voter approval.

Two things about this disappoint me:

  • Taxes should generally be paid by people enjoying the benefit and this idea would apparently tax everyone the same, no matter their level of use, while not taxing people from outside Boulder, who we also let drive on our streets.
  • The City Manager just went through a thorough, city-wide budget review, and you’d think transportation maintenance costs, which most would agree are a core-value, would have been covered before such things as parks and recreation and libraries.

1. The consultant they have in mind is probably somebody’s brother-in-law so this comment is likely irrelevant or ridiculously obvious, but why are we paying THEM?

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