It’s Spring!

Spring cow drinking up.Forget robins. I know it’s Spring when the heifers are moved into the calving pastures. Boulder is surrounded by open space, much of it used for pasturing cattle (mostly Black Angus for some reason) and my relentless walking keeps me informed of what’s happening south and east of town. The best trails for walking follow watercourses and the watercourses also provide the best pasturage. The cows will stay until the calves are mobile, then they’ll be moved to higher pastures. I like cows. I don’t eat them.

llamaThe llama lives permanently in a private pasture adjacent to the cows. His (her?) pasture is a ways away from the trail and she (he?) stays away from the busy road to the South, so I don’t have a good photo even though I’ve walked by the pasture many times.

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