First the World — Then Boulder

K. C. Becker is a candidate for Boulder City Council and has a letter-to-the-editor published in today’s Boulder Daily Camera. (That’s pretty weird in itself.) Her letter contains this sentence: “What’s worse, it [deliberations on an ordinance limiting house sizes] distracted council from much more important issues like our Climate Action Plan.”

Ms. Becker believes that not only is the ordinance, the effort of several years of citizen activisim and 18 months of deliberations, bad, but also the very fact that the city council would deliberate a citizen initiative to create a more sustainable city instead of deliberating a plan that, in our small city of 100,000 people by everybody’s admission, would have no measurable effect on human-caused climate change.

The impression is that Ms. Becker considers governing the municipality a waste of time because there are more pressing matters, an attitude exactly what you don’t want in your, ahem, municipal government.

As if that weren’t enough to get my goat, I find out from comments that Ms. Becker was appointed to a five-year term on the city Planning Board in March, 2008, so not only does her hubris shine through in her letter, but so does her bright disregard for her obligations.

I’m joining the “Anybody but Becker” campaign.

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