New Blog: Territory and Justice

Twice in the last few years the Boulder City Council has tried to change the city charter to allow non-citizens to serve on city boards and commissions. The first attempt failed to find majority support in council, the second was soundly defeated by the voters.

Both times I opposed the change, believing (briefly) that because though largely advisory, boards and commissions are government entities and therefore exercize government powers, and the principle of self-determination dictates that we are governed by our fellow citizens.

Throughout the debate and deliberations it was clear that good people’s opinions can differ on the matter and that the interface of ethics and politics gets complicated fast. Trying to educate myself, I carefully read Martha Nussbaum’s fine book The Frontiers of Justice [LibraryThing, Amazon] and since have been more casually trying to come to terms with what to me is an ethical dilemna.

So, I’m excited by the launch of a group blog dedicated to the interplay of territory and justice and although it so far has little content, expect it to inform at least my thinking, and hopefully national discussion on issues related to territoriality. The blog is Territory and Justice.

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