Or, Call It “The Post-Fact-Check Campaign”

The Rumpus, joining the chorus of outrage at the Republican’s increasing willingness to baldly lie, has called it the “Post-Fact-Check Campaign“. We should stick, I think, with calling it “Post-Truth” but still, this is good:

That’s why the Romney campaign has been so open about their disdain for fact checkers. They can afford to be. They know that their base will never hear about the falsehoods, and even if they do, will dismiss them as lies of the liberal left, of the “lamestream media” as Sarah Palin refers to them.

The article goes on to point out that strategic lying could lose the independent vote, the truth is that only about 3% of the votes of people calling themselves “independent” are really up for grabs.

What I really wish is that someone would figure out how to reverse the trend of rewarding liars with power.

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