Zhuangzi On Card-Playing

Brook Ziporyn, in his excellent translation of Zhuangzi (Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings with Selections from Traditional Commentaries, Hackett, 2009) points to an associated article, “Zhuangzi As Philosopher” on his publisher’s website. That article contains this: Imagine that you find yourself in a card game, where cards are continually being dealt to you from a nonobvious […]

Funding Philosophy

Who knew? The Templeton Foundation has for years been funding collaborative cross-disciplinary academic projects on the philosophical “Big Questions”: These “Big Questions” are the kinds of out-there topics that make philosophy seem bold and exciting to a college freshman but can feel thoroughly desiccated after a few years in graduate school: free will, the universe, […]

And Again With the 1%

Benjamin Hale also (that is, also along with Chris Bertram mentioned in this previous post) calls on Rawls’ help to think through what to do about the rich — or rather, about the inequalities of wealth caused by so much of it being in the hands of just a few of us. Hale, playing on […]

Still Occupying

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has receeded into the background of our political discourse and it’s easy to imagine that it has run its course, like a season of “Dancing With the Stars”, and now we’ve moved on to other things. But the concern over inequality and a willingness to ponder what to do about […]

Why So Few Woman Philosophers?

Professional philosophy, which is to say “Academic Philosophy” has nothing to say to people struggling with life’s great issues. I was drawn to philosophy in college because I figured that was exactly where you went when you were struggling, but boy, was I wrong. Anything will get you through life better than that. Now I […]

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