Are We Pure Enough to Question Trump?

From Reince Priebus (via CNN: “It’s not necessarily that people make mistakes or have regrets or seek forgiveness; it’s whether or not the person launching the charge is authentic in their own life and can actually be pure enough to make such a charge. That’s what I think most people can look at when they […]

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Spinning the Senate Vote On Jobless Benefits

NBC Politics announces “The Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to advance a temporary extension of unemployment benefits to over one million jobless Americans, giving some unexpected momentum in the new year to Democrats and the Obama administration.” The vote was 60-37. Anwhere else that vote would be called “overwhelming”, but because the U.S. Sennate aspires to […]

A Collection of Redistricting (Gerrymandering) Links

At ProPublica, “The Best Reporting on Redistricting Shenanigans“. One of the reasons our federal government is such a mess — the main reason is money and this is related — is that the two parties have both worked to create Congressional districts that guarantee their party’s dominance, making elections non-competitive. That means the primaries matter […]

Japan: Conservatives Back In

In a landslide, the conservative Liberal Democratic Party in Japan won yesterdays election, re-taking control that it held almost continuously since the end of WWII after a three-year break. The party leader, Shinzo Abe, will likely become prime minister, an office he held briefly in 2006 – 2007, resigning “for health reasons” amid scandal. The […]

It’s a Slope, Not a Cliff

“There’s no possible way for a deal before the last possible moment”. If Boehner makes a deal before the last tick of the clock, his party will accuse him of leaving too much on the table, according to Bruce Bartlett in this calm, sensible conversation with Yves Smith on Bill Moyer’s show. Spoiler: Bartlett and […]

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