Thoughtful Consideration of OWS

John Robb of the GlobalGuerillas blog has long advocated and thoughtfully commented on what he has loosely called “open source activism”. His popular 2007 book, Brave New War, described “open-source warfare” and how the technologies that enabled market globalization could just as well enable conflict globalization, and he has been making the point for some time that “The Arab Spring” was an example of open-source protest, using those technologies to secure political gain.

His comments on the “Occupy Wall Street” movement have considerable more depth, consequently, than what gets cranked out by the run-of-the-mill journalist or the agenda-driven talking head. Here, for instance he deconstructs a Fox News article that told about Occupy Atlanta protestors blocking Congressman John Lewis from speaking to the assembly, portraying the event as an exercise in democracy and the principle of equal rights rather than any sort of deliberate disrespect or snub.

The event didn’t get much notice, but Mr. Robb’s account deserves some.

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