Why Aren’t we Afraid?

At Truthdig, Tom Engelhardt takes a look at a phenomenon that I’ve been thinking about for a while and still find inexplicable. The title of this blog reflects the general notion, but mostly articulate understanding has escaped me. Why, I wonder, given how our country has been and continues to be looted by a class of people who seem to belong to a different world and are therefore untouchable, why aren’t we outraged? And if we’re not outraged, why aren’t we afraid?

From the article:

And while Washington fiddles, inequality is on the rise, with so much money floating around in the 1% world that millions of dollars are left over to drive the prices of pieces of art into the stratosphere, even as poverty grows and the army of the poor multiplies. And don’t forget that the national infrastructure—all those highways, bridges, sewer systems, and tunnels that were once the unspoken pride of the country—is visibly fraying.

There’s lots more, all of it good.

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