The Sign-Language Interpreter

The man hired to translate the the speeches at the Mandela memorial service apparently did not such thing. He stood there, beside world leaders gathered to pay tribute to one of the geatest historical figures of our time, and more-or-less waved his arms around. A short video at the BBC (embedded in an article about […]

Hubble Telescope Spots Alien Craft

‘FREAKISH’ SPACE OBJECT spotted by Hubble telescope: Boffins BAFFLED • The Register A bizarre object far beyond the orbit of Mars, described by NASA as “weird and freakish”, has been spotted by the Hubble space telescope spewing jets of gas which cause it to move. “Boffins” may be baffled, but the rest of us aren’t. […]

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More Corruption? Or Is Is Me?

Maybe Al Jazeera covers this more than Western-dominated news agencies, or maybe I’m just noticing it lately, but the world seems to be a lot more corrupt than I thought. In two links from Al Jazeera today — a French “tycoon” is charged with fraud in an investigation that may implicate Christine Lagarde, head of […]

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An Algerian Dissident’s Mali Perspective

In openDemocracy, Hamza Hamouchene (apparently an anti-regime Algerian nationalist)  considering Mali “another front” in the war on terror starts like this: What the Islamist terrorist threat has become is an incoherent pretext to intervene militarily on the part of the west. The only principled position to adopt therefore is the rejection of both, for the […]

26 Tugboats

Maybe not everyone is thrilled at the sight of 26 tugboats being transported on a semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel. I am, and in case you are, here it is (the big beauty is the M/V Fjord):

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